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Best Deals ON/Music videos , Family Events,Commercials, Performences.ect

Audio Production

Got Some audio you need to record or have mixed and masterd come to Cook Hand Productions

Web design

I also offer web page building services rather a all custom page or with a CSStemplate Like this one .

Let Me Work For You

Cook hand productions was started Dec 20, 2015 since then i have filmed over 70 music videos + numerous interviews, events, and produced many songs, thanks to returing clients.

I am a self taught Videographer from Natchitoches,Louisiana. I started Cook Hand Productions when I moved to Waco,Tx just for something to do. It soon grew and as the demand came in, I developed more skill with each project and im still at it.

Thank You For Visiting My Site.Thanks to every one that has ever trusted Cook Hand productions with there projects, I know how much your work means to you.


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My portfolio

I've completed 150 plus projects since I started back in 2015. Check them out!

Video And Audio production


Good quality video and audio production at unbeatable prices

WEBPAGE design with/with out css templates

March 2017

Although im new at website building I still manage to get this going, so give me a try, I can make custom templates, or use a css template like this

Cover art and 3D logos


I also do graphics for mixtape covers/graphics for apparel or anything els u want to customize/ BUT U MUST GET THEM PRINTED YOURSELF I ONLY DO THE GRAPHICS

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(Young D)

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Nicholas Broadnax

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D'Javion Robinson


Some Of My Latest


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These Days


These Days BeBe Hundun X Billy2 G -Was one of my favorite videos to shoot because I like the song for one. Billy2G and BeBe Hundun always make good music and I like to use the foggers an extra lights any chance i get

Waco Tron-The Truth Video


I liked shooting the Waco Tron video because i think Tron make good music and its always easier to make a good video when the song fire

Nawflxrds-Break a sweat video


Maan the Nawflxrds I like shooting all they videos, because its gone be alot of action going on in every video, they got that new young energy going and they make good music so be looking out for them.